Immobilienmakler Palma

Wir vermarkten Immobilien auf ganz Mallorca, mit Fokus auf Palma und Umgebung. Unsere Objekte haben alle eine hohe Qualität - egal ob das charmante, renovierungsbedürftige Landhaus oder die bis ins kleinste Detail durchdachte Neubauwohnung in Portixol.

Wir agieren auch als Käufermakler, wo wir ausgehend von einer nahen Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kunden ein exaktes Kaufprofil erstellen und daraufhin passende Objekte von der ganzen Insel präsentieren können.

Unser Team besteht aus erfahrenen Immobilienmaklern, Interior-Stylisten und Fotografen.

Besuchen Sie unser Büro in der Calle de Berenguer de San Juan 3 in Palma.

Für weitere Informationen erreichen Sie uns unter +34 871 027 049 oder


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Fantastic Frank Palma - Personal property finder



Enjoy a first class, personal property finding service on Mallorca - personal property finder.

Being an apartment or a house, in the city, in a village or in the countryside, let us help you find the perfect property or investment project. Thanks to our wide contact network of owners, builders and other brokers we can present you with a relevant and unique selection of properties. With our service - you only need one point of contact; us.



Our process starts with an analysis of your needs and expectations, either over phone or in person in Palma. We listen and ask questions to narrow down the best location and type of property to focus on in our search. When it is clear we go to work.

A selection of properties is then presented and with your feedback, we reduce it to a shortlist of relevant properties to view. When on Mallorca we escort you around and do the viewings together.

The best part - it doesn’t cost you anything. Our commission is paid by the seller, that means until you buy the property - we work for you for free. It’s that simple.

  1. Analysis of needs/demands
  2. We send a mail with matching properties:
    • listed by us
    • secret listings
    • collaboration listings from other agencies
    • our own extensive network
  3. You choose which properties you are interested in seeing
  4. We schedule for a full day in Palma:
    • introduction to buying a property in Palma; taxes, areas, question-answers
    • viewings of properties, breaks and lunch
  5. Continuous dialogue until we find the right property
  6. We help with contacts for banks, lawyers, builders and property management


Contact us on +34 871 027 049 or through the contact form below for a full presentation of Fantastic Frank Palma and our way of doing business.


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Fantastic Frank Palma - Property hunting service


Benefit from our experience

Buying a new development in Mallorca has proven to be a good investment for a long time. The benefits are many. We collaborate and present properties from established builders with successful track records that you can trust. Buying new development with us is easy and worry-free. We are with you all the way until the hand over of the keys.

The benefits of buying new build homes in Mallorca are many. The layouts are modern, focusing on light, social spaces and outdoor areas. You get a care-free ownership over a long time to come and a high resale value. The quality of design, materials, and installations is high thanks to reputable architects and builders.

We can offer a wide variety of projects so contact us today and we will start the journey together.

New development is a good investment in Palma - when you have the right help.




Fantastic Frank Palma - Personal property finder



These properties are listed in collaboration with selected partners. Too amazing to be left unseen we thought and put them under this special headline Collabs.



Fantastic Frank Palma - Property hunting service


Hidden from the public - but for sale

Some of our listings are not on the market. We are in contact with owners that don't want their properties to be listed. 


Contact us for our current secret listings.